“We are known collectively as the Tla’amin Nation (Sliammon First Nation) and through our Constitution we declare our sovereignty and jurisdiction.”

The Sliammon First Nation is located just outside of the town of Powell River in British Columbia, about 130 km northwest from Vancouver. Sliammon has a population of approximately 1100 members, with 65% living in the main village. 50% of Sliammon members are under the age of 25 giving Sliammon a very young and rapidly growing population.

The issue of aboriginal rights and title has never been settled in the Province of British Columbia with the exception of Treaty 8 and 14 treaties on Vancouver Island known as the Douglas Treaties. This is why the Sliammon Treaty Society was created to handle the treaty negotiations process on behalf of Sliammon with the Canadian Government. The goal being to restore our right to self govern and the legal return of land title.

Our Mission is to honour and respect our ancestors through implementation of a true community based process to negotiate a fair and equitable treaty settlement that will ensure the building blocks of a good government and a foundation for the well being of future generations.


treatyvoteAfter 19 years of negotiations at a cost of over $11 million, Sliammon Nation approved the Final Agreement through a crucial vote held in July of 2012. This difficult decision marks an historic moment for the Sliammon Nation and represents a monumental positive change in direction for the community as a whole.

Once the treaty comes into effect we can expect the legal transfer of treaty settlement lands to Sliammon. We will also be drafting and creating new laws as we move forward into self governance and we will also have access to increased funds for various projects, for example $1.7 million for the construction of a new government house.